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How to Pick the Best Rodent Exterminator

If you’ve spotted droppings, gnawings, stains, or damaged items, chances are you have a rodent infestation. This may not seem like a big deal, but rodents can quickly damage your home and transmit dozens of dangerous diseases, so you want to get the problem under control as quickly as possible.

From rat lungworm to hantavirus, rats are capable of spreading numerous diseases directly or indirectly to you and your family, which is why we recommend calling a professional as soon as you spot the first signs. If there’s one mouse or rat, chances are there are many more. Rodent populations are usually large and when one finds a food source, others will follow suit.

Before choosing a rodent exterminator, consider what type of rodent you have, what removal methods you’re most comfortable with, and what type of pest control service is best for your home. Ideally, you want long-term peace of mind and Aptive provides just that.

Choosing the Best Rodent Exterminator

There are many factors to consider when it comes to pest removal services. When you bring a professional into your home, you expect a professional service. Quality companies should make you feel comfortable, informed, and protected.

Here’s what you should consider as you shop for the right rodent exterminator:

  • Is the company certified, with a network of licensed pest technicians? You don’t want to use any pest removal service that isn’t certified. You can check the Better Business Bureau, customer reviews, and the company website. You can also speak to a customer service representative, if you aren’t sure.
  • What types of products does the company use? Dealing with rodents is stressful, because they’re tiny creatures. If you want to avoid inhumane killings, you should consider what treatment options are available. There are chemical treatments, traps, or more natural products which treat the source first. Safe products are at the heart of Aptive’s mission for pest control with minimal impact on the environment.
  • How reliable is the customer service? Customer service representatives should be helpful, informative, and available. When you’re dealing with rodents, 24/7 availability is recommended.
  • What is the cost of service? Is there a plan available? You can call a rodent exterminator for a one-time visit and chances are, the infestation will be reduced significantly or possibly removed completely, but what if these pests return in six months, a year? Investing in a longer plan guarantees that you’re protected from future infestations. A plan can also save you money in the long run.

Preparing for the Exterminator’s Visit

Rodents are intelligent creatures. They know how to find food sources, and most importantly, how to hide from humans. You may see one scurrying across the floor, but you won’t see them hanging out in the open. They hide in holes, in pipes, in walls, in tiny little spaces that you can hardly see. So what can you do while you’re waiting for a pest control service to arrive?

  • Clean everything. The cleaner your home, the easier it is to spot the rodents or signs of their presence. This means clearing piles of clothes, boxes, and more. If you don’t have a lot of storage, consider plastic containers.
  • Take out the trash, clear out your sink, and put all food in containers or in the fridge. You don’t want any food or liquid visible or accessible.
  • Pull furniture apart and away from walls. Since rodents tend to move along the walls, under furniture, you want to make those spots visible.
  • Cover or repair any holes or entryways where the rodents could be coming in from.

The easier you make it on the technician, the more effective their services will be. Even after the rodent exterminator treats the area, you’ll want to ensure your home is clean and pest-free. Following the above steps is a great way to prevent future infestations.

Effective Treatments from Aptive

Aptive provides affordable and effective removal methods. The treatments, in particular, are customized to your needs. Since rats and mice are different, they require different removal methods. Aptive professionals not only inspect the home, but they customize a plan based on the type of rodent you have.

With the Four Season Protection Plan, you can sleep safe knowing that a professional is available, at all times, and can treat a variety of pest infestations, whether it’s rodents or ants or spiders. The plan also comes with a warranty that ensures your customer satisfaction. If a pest returns, the technician will return free-of-charge, every time. Call today to book your first treatment or to learn more about Aptive’s pest control plan. is an authorized reseller of Aptive Environmental and powered by Home Media LLC.

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