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Aptive Livermore, CA

  • A tailored pest control approach using high-quality, eco-friendly products.
  • Year-round protection so you don't have to handle chemicals or insects.
  • Outstanding pest specialists that are ready to answer all of your questions, anytime.
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Office Location

488 Lindbergh Ave
Livermore, CA 94551

Protection Against These Types of Pests

Bugs and Insects in Livermore

Ants • Cockroaches • Silverfish

Rodents in Livermore

Mice • Rats

Stingers and Biters in Livermore

Wasps • Fleas • Spiders

Pest Control Services in Livermore, CA

All across the country, pests cause costly issues for homeowners. The trick to getting ahead of your pest infestation is having a trustworthy team by your side with care and expertise. Every region has unique rodents and insects that burrow and nest in unique ways. Because of this, no two pest control treatments are quite the same. At Aptive Environmental in Livermore, we can eradicate pests from your property with local knowledge and nationwide experience.

As one of the top-rated pest control companies in the country, Aptive Environmental in Livermore is dedicated to caring for our customers. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide environmentally safe and sustainable practices while efficiently ridding your home of threatening pests.

Our expert, certified team of pest specialists in Livermore are here to answer your questions and provide emergency round-the-clock assistance. For example, our Four Seasons Protection Plan catches the pests throughout each stage of their development, ensuring they will never return. We will provide guaranteed services without extra costs if you detect a comeback.

Most importantly, Livermore Aptive Environmental knows the value of a reliable and skilled pest control company. Our team is continually working to develop our expertise, strengthen our skills and find innovative and eco-conscious ways to help our customers. With a customised plan just for you, we'll rid your home of pests.

Our Mission

We believe every home should be enjoyed. We take on this responsibility by cultivating experts that love to serve, creating all-season treatments unique to your home, and applying responsibly-sourced products that are safe for your loved ones and the environment.

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Aptive Livermore, CA

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Aptive Livermore Reviews

The original rep to come speak to me was friendly and knowledgeable. And when the service representative came out to spray he went over everything again to make sure we were on the same page. He was friendly, prompt, efficient and sensitive to the fact that I had children and a pet. Highly recommend their service!
Trekina W., July 2020
A very nice salesman knocked on my door yesterday because they were treating other houses in my neighborhood. The technician came right on time the next day to treat my house. He was professional, friendly and efficient. He sprayed the house and then did a very thorough job brushing all the spiderwebs off the house. Hoping to see far less spiderwebs all over everything from now on. Very happy with this service.
Kerry F., July 2020
Very satisfied with the services! The exterminator who came to my house was very friendly and very knowledgeable. I wish I remembered his name! It was an early appt (I was still waking up! Lol) My house looks so much better after the first initial visit! Not to mention, I'm happy I don't have to worry about insects coming into the house anymore! Thank you Aptiv! So happy I signed up!
Amelia A., July 2020
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