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Aptive Pest Control

  • A tailored pest control approach using high-quality, eco-friendly products.
  • Year-round protection so you don't have to handle chemicals or insects.
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Protection Against These Types of Pests

Bugs and Insects

Ants • Cockroaches • Silverfish


Mice • Rats

Stingers and Biters

Wasps • Fleas • Spiders

Pest Control Services

All across the country, pests cause costly issues for homeowners. The trick to getting ahead of your pest infestation is having a trustworthy team by your side with care and expertise. Every region has unique rodents and insects that burrow and nest in unique ways. Because of this, no two pest control treatments are quite the same. At Aptive Environmental, we can eradicate pests from your property with local knowledge and nationwide experience.

As one of the top-rated pest control companies in the country, Aptive Environmental is dedicated to caring for our customers. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide environmentally safe and sustainable practices while efficiently ridding your home of threatening pests.

Our expert, certified team of pest specialists are here to answer your questions and provide emergency round-the-clock assistance. For example, our Four Seasons Protection Plan captures pests at every stage of their life, ensuring that they never return. If you detect a re-emergence, we will provide guaranteed services at no extra cost.

Considerations when hiring an exterminator


Factors like your location, weather, home materials, and lawn can determine what kind of pests you have and how they should be treated. A local pest control provider or a national brand with a nearby branch should have experience with how to treat pests common to your area.

Types of Pests

Consider what types of pests frequent your home, and confirm that the pest control company targets those pests. For example, if you hear mice scurry around your kitchen at night, make sure that the exterminating services include rodent removal. If you know your home is at risk for termites, look into whether the company offers preventive termite control.

Availability and convenience

Having a professional on hand is no good if they’re difficult to contact or can’t quickly respond to an issue. The best pest control services, like Aptive Environmental, have reliable customer service around the clock. In addition, many leading pest control providers have an app where you can contact your specific exterminator to keep in touch about arrival times or appointment changes.

What to expect when you hire Aptive Environmental Pest Control

Initial inspection

When the exterminator first visits your home, they’ll inspect both the interior and exterior for pest problems. Then, they’ll create a plan of action that addresses both existing and future pest problems.


The exterminator will apply treatments that are customized to your home’s specific needs. The treatment frequency will likely depend on the plan you select or if you’re treating an active infestation.


You’ll receive an appointment summary from your exterminator that explains what treatments they applied, any suggestions for preventing pests between applications, and when you can expect their next visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for pest control?

Pest control pricing varies by region of the country, type of pest, level of infestation and if you want one-time or ongoing treatment. When seeking a pest exterminator be sure to ask about the pricing and other benefits of pest control service plans which often include a guarantee against reinfestation.

Does green or environmentally-friendly pest control exist?

Some pest control companies pride themselves on eliminating or minimizing the use of harmful pesticides while also focusing on integrated pest management techniques that use environmentally responsible (or EPA approved “Reduced Risk”) pest control products. Many of these companies concentrate their efforts on a home’s exterior and only do interior treatment with these products when absolutely necessary. You’ll find that the most committed companies to green (or environment-friendly) pest control participate in EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) as well as the National Pest Management Association’s GreenPro certification process.

If green pest control is important for your home, be sure to ask your provider about their application methods, usage of harmful products and involvement in these programs.

What types of pests do exterminators cover?

Every pest control company differs with regards to the specific types of pest they treat. While most cover fleas, ants, centipedes, cockroaches, mice, ants and rats; not all pest control companies cover termites, bed bugs and mosquitos. At Aptive Environmental, we recommend confirming with your provider at their initial visit or contact which specific pests they protect against.

Do I need an annual service or protection plan?

Most pest extermination companies recommend a service plan where they come out on a routine basis to treat the interior and exterior of your home in order to prevent a pest infestation. The cost of a service plan is typically much less than the cost of treatment for reinfestation. Homes located in states with temperate year-round climates (such as Texas, Alabama, Florida and parts of California) are often more prone to pests all year long and benefit from regular treatment.

Do I need to move furniture for pest control?

Most pest control exterminators don’t require moving furniture prior to treatment, however they will need access to the exterior walls and corners of your home. Moving home furniture and accessories away from these places will likely result in a more successful pest control product application.

Does rain affect pest control?

Typically rain during or after treatment doesn’t impact the application or effectiveness of pest control services because exterior walls are most often protected by overhangs and not affected by inclement weather.

Our Mission

We believe every home should be enjoyed. We take on this responsibility by cultivating experts that love to serve, creating all-season treatments unique to your home, and applying responsibly-sourced products that are safe for your loved ones and the environment.

Aptive Pest Control

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Very satisfied with the services! The exterminator who came to my house was very friendly and very knowledgeable.
Amelia A., July 2020
Professional and fast! Clean and everything they promise you get!
Ann Marie L., May 2020
I cannot overstate the professionalism and ease of the overall process with Aptive. I signed up yesterday and they were very free with communication and the information on how everything would go.
Derek H., July 2020
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